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The possibilities are endless

Inventory & retail management

So much more than product tracking. Calculate weights, volume, ingredients, pricing and so much more. You name it - we track it. Living organisms, data files, vehicles...whatever. Want to integrate an automated checkout in a retail environment?...the solution is here.


Military solutions, event and attendance tracking, monitoring of environmental conditions to ensure stability of delicate inventory. All of these challenges require continual monitoring of varied data and the ability to track the simultaneous movement and detection of many objects and data at the same time. This is where we come in.

Searching for a solution?

Our patented PPS (Plurality Perimeter Scanning) technology provides a constant and continuous inventory of everything in an area all the time. This goes beyond any existing system known to date, and overcomes the problematic singularity in scanning of objects one by one. The next generation of tracking technology is here.

About the Technology

Patented, innovative technology

This patented technology can be implemented in any structural perimeter, adjacent to the perimeter, embedded within the perimeter, or at an entry or exit to any area in order to monitor persons, products, security, inventory, data files, and much more.

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